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Fire Alarm Systems Installation in Nigeria

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Fire is a primary threat to the safety and security of lives and properties of any organisation, business or home.
Fire outbreak can cause a major cost and disruption to your business activities; and destruction to highly valuable assets including very critical documents.

Businesses are morally and legally responsible for providing a safe environment for their employees, as such implementing and maintaining a secure fire alarm system is important.

Early detection of fire is key. The first step to protection from the consequences of fires is having a professionally installed, high-quality Fire Alarm System. This can never be overemphasized.

We at Jydsol Technologies Limited, pride ourselves as a complete fire alarm systems supplier and installer in Nigeria. Our clients can rely on us for a comprehensive and affordable fire alarm and detection system.

Benefits of a Fire Detection and Alarm System

  • 24 hours monitoring to protect against a possible fire outbreak
  • Warning on fire conditions
  • Avoiding smoke inhalation
  • Affordable compared to fire consequences
  • Protection of lives and valuable assets
  • Decreased risk of fire damage
  • Low maintenance

Fire Alarm Systems are designed to discover fire smokes early enough, leaving available time to evacuate occupants. Information on the location of the fire is usually provided on the fire alarm system control panel, thereby speeding the process of fire control.

Types of Fire Alarm Systems

Depending on the functionalities of the system

  • Addressable Fire Alarm Systems
  • Conventional Fire Alarm Systems

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